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Pool Covers


Owning a pool is one of the great luxuries that a homeowner can have.  Pools offer private recreation, a setting for parties, a place for exercise and relaxation and the always important increase in property value.  But just like attractive landscaping, an attractive house exterior and a well maintained interior, a pool requires maintenance and protection to ensure all of the benefits mentioned.  This is where a pool cover comes in.

Pool covers help to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of a pool during the winter and acts as a barrier against harsher potentially damaging weather and storms.  Additionally,  safety is a major concern in terms of pools, a cover helps to protect individuals and animals from falling into the pool and getting harmed, especially when no-one else is around.  Sadly, each year stories appear in the news of small children who are unattended falling into pools with tragic results. Unfortunately, a properly installed safety pool cover can help to avoid some of these situations.  We at St. James Pool Supply & Service are ready to help you secure your pool while maintaining its condition and ensuring its safety for years to come.

Seeking out a qualified pool service company, like St. James Pool Supply & Service, that is trained in the proper design and installation of a safety pool cover system is a necessary expense that will pay off over time.  The team at St. James Pool Supply & Service keep abreast of the latest developments in pool cover technology and are able to offer guidance to pool owners to ensure that the pool cover system that is installed is the right one.

At St. James Pool Supply & Service, we sell safety covers from Loop Loc, the premier manufacturer of pool safety covers in the United States.  Loop-Loc pool covers are built super-strong using the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Manufactured of ultra-strong, super dense mesh it's the perfect choice for customers who want less light and debris in their pools.  Using a patented design, only LOOP-LOC comes with the CABLE-LOC™ and patented GAPGUARD® Child Safety Intrusion Barriers, Secure-A-Gap® and Aqua-Loc® zipper treatment. These treatments close the dangerous gaps created where raised obstructions meet the covers edge, so there's no way children or pets can slip through.  They are designed to not only meet – but exceed – ASTM standards for Safety Swimming Pools Covers F 1346-91 and have been tested by and earned the Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) seal of approval.


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